Sunday, 27 February 2011

Kuretake UK

Today I have been painting using the ZIG clean colour pens, art & graphic twin pens and the BrusH20. I was asked to produce some more images for Kuretake UK for their upcoming events in Phoenix and Japan. My work will be used for promotional purposes at these events. I was also asked to take some pictures of my work at different stages to show how the pens are used. They are really fun and easy to use and they dont make any mess at all! They are great for sketching on location and in sketch books as well as creating larger scale watercolour artwork.

You can gain lots of effects using the pens, for example try:
-Layering the colours on top of each other before adding water.
-Painting directly onto wet paper.
-Putting layers of colour down, allowing them to dry and then adding more layers on top.
-Working straight on top of wet colour.
-Letting the colours run into one another and mix on the paper.
-Use the larger brush style end of the art & graphic twins to colour large areas and the smaller end to add detail.

(The more you use the pens the easier they become to control and the more effects you will discover!)

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